• Valentine’s day for couples

Valentine’s day for couples

This message box is for all lovers who think that love should

be celebrated all year, not just on February 14th!

A gift for your Valentine that is much more original than flowers and this Box of Joy®

gift will last much longer. A gift card is read in a few minutes, this box offers 365 different

gentle words to last a year, for the person sharing your days.

MISSION SEDUCTION You want to seduce your partner and make him or her feel

butterflies as if you were in your early days? Buy this message box,

but keep it out of reach as you will use the messages to inspire you your daily

messages you will send : post-its on the fridge, SMS, messages in the car,

whatever the way, the message is what is essential.

Nobody can resist and your efforts will surely bring its fruit,

this Box of Joy® is an investment for your couple, guaranteed!


– 365 sealed messages: easily reveal your message every day by tearing a tab

100% Canadian-designed and made from high-quality materials

– Dimensions (approx): 5×5ʺ, 4ʺ high (10 x 10 x 12,5cm)

Valentine’s day for couples

  • Modèle: 55-125
  • Disponibilité: En stock
  • 19,99$
  • 15,99$

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